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About Us

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Company Profile:

Kim Gloves is one of Thailand’s most respected manufacturers of rubber gloves specialized in producing latex gloves for household markets, industrial use, medical use and disposable gloves.

Factory was established in 1988 in Rayong, Thailand. Mr. Joong Ki Kim (CEO) & partners, who are leaders in The South Korean & Thailand rubber gloves markets with registered trademark brands, purchased the SAS Rubber Products Co. Ltd. factory in 2018.

Recently, the company underwent renovation and new management to capitalize on its continued success.

Headquartered in Rayong, Thailand, part of the Eastern Economic Corridor, Kim Gloves Corporation is strategically located for the best logistics network, supply access, distribution, shipping, fast delivery, and competitive prices. The company started as a small business with 1 production line, and today it has expanded its manufacturing & distribution facilities, capturing almost 50% of South Korean Market Share for Industrial Gloves & 40% of the Thailand market in general-use rubber gloves, with an export history to over 50 countries.

Kim Gloves has demonstrated steady growth through the years offering a comprehensive product range, fulfilling demand in various latex glove market segments.

With a commitment to sustainable practices, Kim Gloves plays an important role in its community services and environmental impact.

Kim Gloves outstanding achievements and global recognition are credited largely to its founders the Kim Family, visionaries and driving force, leading the company to global success.

Through its employees, Kim Gloves continues to excel in the rubber gloves market and produce high quality latex gloves at low cost. The company continues to grow its business by focusing on its business through its partnerships with suppliers, buyers, and distributors.


We aim to play a pivotal role in the protection of human beings and to be recognized as a trusted partner in the business community locally & globally.


With a strong focus on our people and our partners (suppliers, buyers, distributors, and end-consumers), we will continuously improve our business operations and deliver high quality rubber gloves for household, industrial, and healthcare use.


Business Ethics, transparency, and honesty are among our top priorities.

We value partnerships and long term relationships in which we can all mutually contribute to our communities by steadily growing so we may create jobs and build a better society.

We are also committed to progress towards climate protection through innovation and supply chain management.