2020 was a year ravaged by Covid-19 pandemic and the battle against this virus has caused global shortages in Personal Protective Equipment. Many suppliers and distributors managed to purchase rubber gloves on time and secure continuous supplies, but not everyone planned properly. When many buyers and customers decided to wait for future orders and speculate price changes in their favor, they found themselves in a situation where no supply was available anymore because others have secured their products deliveries in advance.

Rubber Gloves and PPE – 2020 Highlights:

The year was full of events with PPE shortages, fake suppliers, PPE trade wars, and changes in the market behavior for buying-selling.

February – March 2020: coronavirus lockdown takes effect in Europe and Covid-19 Cases surge, demand for rubber gloves and personal protective equipment kits see a massive increase.

April 2020: Countries start diverting personal protective equipment for themselves and blocking shipments between borders.

May 2020: Countries ban export of personal protective equipment to keep it for themselves for protecting their national workers in healthcare and other industries.

June 2020: Rubber gloves manufacturers start to see rise in cost of raw materials.

July 2020: The world’s largest glove manufacturer gets banned from importing nitrile and latex gloves into the U.S due to labor protection and human rights abuse.

August 2020: The world seems to go back to normal amid certain travel and holidays – virus cases are continuous but figures remain on a low average. PPE become a norm in the travel and tourism industry, requiring all staff to wear rubber gloves and masks. Rubber Gloves and PPE remain in high demand.

September 2020: Manufacturers of Nitrile Gloves face raw material shortages especially in Nitrile Rubber, known as NBR. Latex natural rubber prices start surging upwards causing Latex Gloves prices to increase.

October 2020: The world’s largest glove manufacturer faces more challenges as covid-19 cases surge inside their factories, leading to a closure of almost 30 rubber gloves factories.

November 2020: Coronavirus cases start increasing globally, leading to increased demand for rubber gloves and protective equipment.

December 2020: Vaccines started rolling out in some countries while Covid-19 cases continue increasing. Borders were shut again and travel is restricted. PPE and rubber gloves demand continues increasing for 2021.

Kim Gloves Alert against Scammers & Fake Suppliers

With every crisis there are opportunities. Bad news for some is good news to others.

As a manufacturer of latex gloves we get approached by many customers for potential future collaboration. As a business we welcome inquiries and are open to communication so we can prosper as a supplier with our buyers. It is rather difficult to screen out all inquiries whether they are serious or not. It is difficult to avoid scammers and fraudsters as they continue to seek new ways to defraud manufacturers as well as buyers.

For example, in July 2020, a rubber glove manufacturer have been approached locally in Thailand by a small company claiming to have secured orders from a buyer overseas and required information from the manufacturer, claiming to purchase the quantity. As an established and reputed factory in Thailand, they have provided this potential customer with all of their information and details. Few months down the road, around October, the company found out that these people have used their details to de-fraud potential buyers locally and overseas. Legal action against the persons involved in the operation has been taken with police arresting the people involved in the scam.

Beware & Be aware:

Scam and fraud cases have dramatically increased in the world and many people have taken advantage of reputed rubber gloves manufacturers such as ourselves. Scammers have made various false claims and used information by faking documents and making empty promises.

Scammers & Fraudster Tactics Kim Gloves Advice
Claim to be authorized agents or representatives of Kim Gloves and our brands. All transactions are handled directly by Kim Gloves and only emails sent from our domains @arissglobal.com & @kimgloves.com are genuine.
Claiming that they are have an allocation or capacity and request payment for the stock. ONLY COMPANY BANK ACCOUNT AND COMPANY NAME (KIM GLOVES CO. LTD) IS ON THE BANK ACCOUNT.

Kim Gloves does not request customers to make payment to a third party and/or to a bank outside of Thailand.

Claiming to have production allocation. Kim Gloves Produces to Order and only customers with paid orders have allocation. For verification, contact our management.
Promising buyers viewing of stock at Kim Gloves warehouse. Kim Gloves does not allow viewing of factory or stock without authorization by Senior Management or without the presence of official managers or sales team.
Claim to have stock allocation from hospitals and clinics, and gloves need to be transacted via other parties. Gloves sold directly to healthcare facilities are not meant to be re-distributed or re-sold.
Prompting potential buyers to submit Proof of Funds (POF) or other means of payments. Kim Gloves does not require Proof of Funds. Transactions & Money Transfer are solely made directly to Bank Account in Thailand ONLY.
Prompting potential buyers to make advance payments to third parties or via Escrow account. Kim Gloves does not use Escrow Accounts.

All transactions are solely made to Bank Account in Thailand ONLY.

Prompting potential buyers to make advance payment to Kim Gloves account and the remaining pending amount to a third-party account. Kim Gloves does not use any third party accounts.

Only Bank Accounts with Company Name (KIM GLOVES CO. LTD.) are used.

Asking potential buyers to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to Kim Gloves. Kim Gloves does NOT request for submission of LOI for orders. Any LOI submitted to is NOT indicative of confirmed orders.
Asking potential buyers to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Kim Gloves does not use or ask for NDA.
Doing business via social media platforms. Kim Gloves communicates with buyers directly. We do not solicit any business via any third parties or other means.
Selling of counterfeit Ariss gloves, using fake packaging and bad quality gloves, modified or fake documents, certificates, photographs and videos. Kim Gloves adheres to strict quality products and all certificates can be checked via authorized certifying bodies. Contact us directly for any questions.