Kim Gloves:

Kim Gloves is the Factory name. It is the official registered business name of our rubber gloves manufacturing facilities. We are a registered corporate entity in the Revenue Department of Thailand and in the Directory of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce Thailand. Our TAX ID and Registration number are listed in the Ministry of Commerce, including DBD and DITP (Department of International Trade Promotion), Thailand.

The rubber gloves factory was established in 1988 by its previous local Thai owners. The factory has been involved in the rubber gloves industry for 30 years. When the founder passed away, the business struggled to maintain its trade status and his family was looking for new owners to take over the factory.

Kim Gloves Co Ltd:

In 2018, Mr. JK Kim and his partners decided to purchase the factory and take care of its remaining labor force. Previously the factory used to produce only disposable latex gloves and many processes within the company were either nonexistent or required drastic changes. Since the Kim family were specialized and experienced in household gloves, food industry gloves, and heavy-duty industrial latex gloves, the factory production facilities required modifications and major alterations.

2019 was the year when renovation and capital works were conducted at the factory. Production lines were commissioned and improved to meet market demands. It is that year when Senior Leadership decided to combine all the years of experience in the rubber gloves industry, under one name, doing business as KIM GLOVES. Previously, the Kim Family has worked with various factories through various shares’ ownership or joint ventures with different corporate agreements.

Kim Gloves has 4 companies related and affiliated to it including Kim Gloves Co. Ltd. which is the official economic entity, the factory for producing rubber gloves, and the only source of products for our trading companies in other countries. Our Bangkok office, the headquarters of our operations is registered under a different company name.

In 2021, the factory name was officially operating under the business name Kim Gloves in order to facilitate the exchange of information with our suppliers, buyers, and all related parties from the government to private entities.

We look forward to continuing doing business with all stakeholders based on our principles of practicing business: honesty, transparency, and ethical business conduct. Please feel free to contact us for any rubber gloves inquiries.

Understanding the definition of Corporate Group of Companies, Conglomerates, Corporations:

Multiple businesses or a group of companies are a set of companies that are usually companies controlled by the same company or a parent corporate entity.

As per Wikipedia definition of a corporate group:

“A group of companies or corporate group is a collection of parent and subsidiary corporations that function as a single economic entity through a common source of control. If the corporations are engaged in entirely different businesses, the group is called a conglomerate. The group may be owned by a holding company which may have no actual operations.” Source:

Many conglomerates and corporations in the world operate under various names for multiple reasons, either to segregate accounting and financial related activities or separate the function of the business if they are not related to the same industry/line of work.