Kim Gloves’ History:

It all started 4 decades ago, with a small production facility using manual techniques in dipping formers into natural rubber latex, producing a few thousand heavy-duty thick industrial gloves for the agricultural and fishing industry.

Today, Kim Gloves has automated manufacturing lines, producing millions of rubber gloves in a wide range for various industries.

The first Impact of Industrial Latex Gloves:

The Kim family, from South Korea, have been involved in the rubber gloves industry since the early 80’s. Back then when the business was at its early years, the demand for industrial heavy-duty latex gloves increased and product sales expanded from local to new export markets. Kim gloves became the leader in the industrial latex gloves market in South Korea and demand grew annually, penetrating new markets in neighboring countries. Capitalizing on the company’s success and increased demand for industrial latexgloves, led the company to establish manufacturing facilities in Central Asia in the early 90’s. This transfer and move of production facilities allowed the company to enjoy cost efficient manufacturing practices with ease of access to raw materials such as natural rubber latex.

Rubber Glove History

Business Transformation and Change:

In early 2000’s, Kim Gloves’ business operations expanded and a manufacturing plant was established in Thailand through a joint-venture. Thailand, seen as one of the most stable and growing economies in South East Asia, with the highest production of natural rubber and an excellent global logistics network, played an important role in the company’s growth throughout the years.

Recent Years:

In 2016, second generation family business cousins from the Kim Family decide to join forces together and bring innovation into the rubber gloves business. This collaboration allowed the cousins to introduce new production lines for household latex gloves and food industry rubber gloves.

Ariss Brand
Ariss is the leading brand for rubber gloves in Thailand

Ariss brand is born and penetrates the market, becoming a recognized award-winning and leading brand in Thailand.

Latex household gloves and food handling rubber gloves

In 2018, the success of this relationship of the second generation business owners leads to acquiring a latex gloves factory located in Rayong, Thailand.

Therefore, Kim Gloves expands, meeting its increased demand for high quality latex gloves and benefiting from the achievements of its brand Ariss.

What started as a small manual production facility, evolved through the years into one of the respected and leading rubber glove manufacturers in the industry.

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